We were recently contacted by Larry Webster, a friend of a friend who is extending an offer to folks in Portland, Oregon, especially those who are excited about the car of the future, the electric vehicle. Larry is the owner of Webster EV near Sacramento, CA, a start-up company breaking into the electric vehicle market by converting Toyota Scions into all electric vehicles, dubbed Webster Electrons. The Electrons have a range of 150 miles on one charge and have better power and acceleration than the original gas powered Scions.

Larry is looking for electric vehicle enthusiasts in the Portland area to participate in their “beta car” program. The person who is selected as a participant will purchase an Electron and, in exchange for becoming a Webster EV advocate, will receive a significant amount of stock in Webster EV. For pricing and more details, please contact Larry at info@websterev.com or visit http://www.websterev.com.img1895