The SolTrekker team has somehow managed to stay really busy even after an oath to slow down a little for the holidays. In addition to the constant upgrades and maintenance on the existing SolTrekker RV, we have started one community based project in the Pacific Northwest and are soon to announce a second very exciting joint project with Portland Public School’s Community Transition Program.

But first, let’s talk about the project already underway. In addition to beginning projects to help other RVers build their own green RVs, we are starting a solar panel buyer cooperative for both solar hot water and solar electric systems. This will be modeled off the success of groups in Austria and California.

If you aren’t familiar with the idea, it’s pretty simple: organize a large group of homeowners who are interested in adding solar power to their homes and wait until you have somewhere around 100-plus willing participants. Then use that collective buying power to get solar manufacturers and installers to give you wholesale bids. The bidders with the best combination of quality and low cost win. It’s a great way to get solar power installed for somewhere between 25 to 50 percent lower than retail. If you are a homeowner or RVer in the Oregon/Washington area (especially Portland) and would be interested, please contact us for more information. We will also be making a presentation on the buyer’s cooperative at the Everything Green Expo at the Portland Expo Center on February 14-15. Admission is free.