Grants and Fundraising Manager

At this point, our organization has yet to apply for grants, but we feel that we have very solid opportunities to secure grants in the future with our track record of education and innovation in the renewable energy and green building field. Ninety percent of the focus of this position will be targeted at assisting in the launch of a grant solicitation program and eventually running it. The SolTrekker grant and fundraising manager will be asked to put us in the best possible position to receive grants by researching current grant opportunities, crafting grant outlines and advising the executive director on activities that will be most effective in obtaining grants. The secondary project for this position will be to seek partnerships, sponsorships and material donations from other organizations and companies in order to continue and grow our educational programs, as well as to expand and improve our small fleet of mobile sustainability showrooms. We are also exploring the possibility of creating a small fundraising team of interns staffed from local colleges, and we the manager would be asked to participate in this project if it is initiated.

Time Commitment
We expect that it will take six to eight hours per week to perform this position at a functioning level, and we have to warn candidates that it could get addicting and they might find themselves spending more time than that. We know that most candidates will already have full-time or part-time employment, but please be willing to spend at least six hours a week on this, which will mean giving a few hours on a weekend here or there.

All managers will be invited to attend an hour-long SolTrekker board meeting once every two months in North Portland, although we can rotate locations to accommodate. Attendance would be helpful but not mandatory. The next scheduled meeting is April 1 at 6:30 pm.

As with all our manager positions, the person for this position will be a self-starter with a great passion for sustainability and renewable energy. Ideally this position would be filled by someone who has experience research grants, crafting grant proposals and in other types of fundraising. General knowledge of green building, sustainable practices and education would also be ideal.

Knowledge of grants for education in renewable education and green building is a big plus. We would like this manager to be someone who is comfortable making presentations or calling up people they haven’t met before and proposing partnerships.

This position is offered on part-time, commission basis. We are offering the commission as a bonus to motivate qualified candidates to apply instead of making this a completely volunteer position. Our long-term goal (two to four years) for this position is that it will eventually provide a full-time living wage as we build our business and secure grants.

The grant and fundraising manager will receive an eight percent commission from the total of each grant they research and assist in obtaining. They will also receive a $500 bonus for any single grant greater than $7,500.

Plus, they’ll receive the perks of working on a fun project with a great team in the fulfilling and worthwhile pursuit of creating a more sustainable culture. That and traveling in a sweet eco-ride to great events like festivals and fairs.

Send resumes to or contact Ty at 541-654-1799 for more info.